Start taking notes…

March 16, 2017


As I write this, March 14th, it is cold and snow covered outside and the thought of spring seems wishful.  As a homeowner, you may want to consider taking notes about the things around your house that bother you most during the winter months, let’s call it prepping.

If your sitting watching television, on your laptop, or enjoying family time you may notice that little draft that hits the back of your neck.   Perhaps you walk into a room and feel like your walking into your cold cellar or don’t understand why the furnace seems to be on a continuous cycle and never shuts off.

All of these things would be best corrected in the spring and summer months in order to avoid any further cooling.  We are all on a budget, so start with areas of the home that need attention and work out a plan, such as windows.  Windows are a great improvement to any home, but be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer, a good installer, and please opt for a full replacement avoiding at all costs the inefficient insert.

As a homeowner who may not be versed in the construction of a home or its workings, when doing any renovation, always consider spending a little extra on the bones of the house rather than the cosmetics.  Start one room at a time and replace the windows, remove the exterior walls drywall and consider increasing or bettering the insulation as there are several options to increase the R-value (especially attics).

Your home works together, is there any sense in investing in new windows when the insulation in the walls and attics are not even close to today’s OBC standards?  Email me and I’ll gladly guide you with your budget

Bryan Klomp – KLOMPCO Carpentry