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What to do in Waterloo Region during Family Day weekend

After months of winter the only saving grace is the Family Day long weekend! Can you believe there was a time we lived without it? Here is a list of things we want to check out in the KW area this weekend: Bugging out for a good time? Head to the ...

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January 2018 – Market Update

As we mentioned in my last update we saw record breaking house sales and prices in 2017 and so far it looks like 2018 is off to another strong start. Housing inventory tends to be lower in January and this January was no exception. What was surprising to many is ...

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Three Lists To Make When Selling Your Home

When you put your property up for sale, you want to make sure that potential buyers get all the information they need on the features of your home and its surrounding area. If, for example, a buyer doesn’t realize there is a great school just a couple of blocks away, ...

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Neighbourhood showcase: Westmount

Often referred to as “Old Westmount” is one of our favourite neighbourhoods, as it not only has beautiful homes - but also convenient access to Belmont Village, which is full of amazing shopping, restaurants and other amenities. Some of our favourites include: Chelsea Market, The Belmont , Janet Lynn’s Bistro, ...

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Trash the Trash

In most communities, garbage day isn’t every week. So, if you show your house on day five or six, there’s going to be some accumulation! Here are some things you can do before a viewing to make sure this situation doesn’t trash a potential sale. If possible, make sure all garbage ...

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Colours that sell!

When getting ready to list your house, My Next KW Home Group will come by your home, show you comparable properties that sold in your neighbourhood, talk about our services throughout the process and discuss ways to best market the home. We feel that one of the best ways to ...

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What the Hygge?

Time and time again Denmark has ranked one of the happiest nations in the world. Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, was determined to find out what makes people happy and has found Denmark’s Hygge (“hoo-gah") could be the secret! Through our research we have found out why Hygge ...

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When Choosing a Fixer-Upper Makes Cents

Some renovations can significantly increase the market value of a home. Others can cost more than you’ll ever get back. So, when choosing a “fixer-upper”, look carefully at the work that needs to be done. General painting, and bathroom or kitchen renovations typically increase the resale value of a house. “Invisible” repairs ...

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Kitchener Waterloo Housing Market: A look back at 2017

It is no surprise that the Kitchener Waterloo housing market broke records in 2017. Momentum in the housing market started picking up in 2016 and continued throughout the first half of 2017. The low supply and high demand continued to push prices up across the region. Highlights according to the Kitchener ...

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DIY family activity!

Christmas day may be over, but we want to keep those homey holiday smells going! Gather the family for some DIY time. Simmer pots are like making your own custom candle without any headaches or flames. Start with your favourite scents - apples, orange peel, cloves and cinnamon, or pine, nutmeg, ...

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