Value Principles

The valuation of a home is the estimated worth, or price of the home. Valuation involves the actual act of estimating the worth of real property. When valuing a property, many value principles (both objective and subjective) come into play. These principles are often used as guidance in the determination ...

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Prevent Flooding

This past winter we have had many heavy snowfalls (and even a lot of ice). With spring just around the corner, and warmer weather moving in we can expect to see a lot of the snow and ice melt away. The more snow you have the more at risk your ...

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Understanding The Difference Between Market Price and Market Value

            When it comes to buying and/or selling a home it’s important to differentiate between market price and market value, understanding that the two are not synonymous. Market Price is the actual price paid for a specific property. Market Value is an estimate of value arising from ...

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